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Pre-Athletic Training students need biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy, human physiology, exercise physiology, general psychology, biomechanics/kinesiology, nutrition and statistics. Successful completion of these courses is one of the requirements needed to apply to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT). Specific UI Pre-AT courses are listed below.

The following courses are required for Undergrad-to-Grad (U2G) students, and highly recommended for students pursuing Pre-AT with a traditional Bachelor’s Degree:

AT:1010 (formerly HHP:1010)  Exploring Athletic Training  1 s.h. Offered Fall ONLY
AT:1200 (formerly HHP:1200) First Aid, CPR and AED 2 s.h. Offered Spring ONLY*

CPH:1400 Fundamentals of Public Health 3 s.h.**

CLSA:3750 Medical and Technical Terminology 2 s.h.

RCE:4199 Counseling for Related Professions 3 sh

The following Pre-AT courses are required for all students pursuing the MSAT:

CHEM:1070 Gen Chem I OR CHEM:1080 Gen Chem II OR CHEM:1110 Principles of Chem I  3-4 s.h.***
BIOL:1140  Human Biology : Non-majors 4 s.h. ****

PHYS:1400  Basic Physics  with lab 4 s.h.

HHP:1100  Human Anatomy  3 s.h. 

HHP:1300 Fundamentals of Human Physiology 3 s.h.

HHP:3400 Applied Exercise Physiology 3 s.h.

PSY:1001  Elementary Psychology  3 s.h. 

HHP:2350 Biomechanics of Sport and Physical 3 s.h.

HHP:2310  Nutrition & Health  3 s.h.

STAT:1020  Elementary Statistics and Inference  3 s.h.

*AT:1200 (formerly HHP:1200) First Aid, CPR & AED certification lasts two years. Take the course so certification is current when beginning MSAT. It’s recommended to take the course in spring immediately prior to your anticipated Summer MSAT start date.
**CPH:1600 Public Health Science and CPH:1800 Social and Psych Determinants of Health are also accepted.

*** CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II is also accepted.

**** BIOL:1140 Human Biology:Non-majors is preferred; BIOL:1141 Human Biology: Health Professions and BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology are also accepted.

Students interested in applying for the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) must complete the Pre-AT requirements along with their chosen Bachelor’s degree. Pre-AT students who major in Exercise Science BA at UI may potentially earn their Bachelor’s and MSAT in five total years. This option, known as Undergrad-to-Grad (U2G), may best fit Exercise Science BA students who know from their first semester they want to pursue an MSAT.

Admission to the MSAT is competitive with a maximum of 26 students admitted yearly. Applicants must meet technical standards, pass background checks, and comply with health and safety standards, and vaccination requirements.

Submit all MSAT application materials by the Feb. 1 priority deadline. Applications after Feb. 1 are considered on a rolling admission basis. Completing the application and meeting admission requirements do not guarantee admission. A personal interview is required. The MSAT program begins once a year in the summer and requires two summer sessions.

Complete a BA or BS degree from an accredited U.S. institution OR complete the first three years of undergraduate work for the U2G combined program at the University of Iowa.

Non-U2G students need an undergraduate cumulative 3.0 GPA.

U2G students need an undergraduate cumulative 3.25 GPA.

Earn a C grade or better in all required courses: Biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy, human physiology, exercise physiology, general psychology, biomechanics/kinesiology, nutrition and statistics (See degree audit for specific courses. Pre-requisite course equivalency will be determined by the Program Director case by case.

Additional coursework is recommended in medical terminology, introductory AT courses, public health, motor learning or additional psychology coursework. See degree audit specific courses.

Complete 50 hours minimum of observation under a Certified Athletic Trainer with documented verification. Verification form link:

Submit the application through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) at Set up a University of Iowa account and pay the supplemental fee.

For the U2G program, complete at least 80 s.h. of undergraduate courses at the University of Iowa.

Transfer students must complete at least 30 s.h. at the University of Iowa.

Submit two recommendation letters: one from a medical/AT professional, one from an academic professional.

Submit a resume.

Submit a statement of purpose/career goals.

Submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score taken in the last 2 years if English is not your native language. Only the IBT (Internet Based Test) form of the TOEFL is accepted. A total score of 93 and speaking score of 26 are required for consideration.

Have current CPR certification obtained within one year — Basic Life Support (BLS) or Professional Rescuer level. Must be consistent with Board of Certification standards.

Have current First-Aid certification obtained within one year.

Submit a signed a copy of the programs Technical Standards for Admission form

  • Shadow different types of Athletic Trainers.
  • Get involved with things you are about.
  • Demonstrate leadership. 
  • Volunteer in a health care setting. 
  • Aim for strong grades.
  • Discuss other possible ideas with  your academic advisor.