Scheduling an Advising Appointment

Students may schedule advising appointments through the 'Advising Appointment' tile in the HOME section of MyUI.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

When making an advising appointment, note the purpose of the appointment (in a notebook, planner, phone). Be sure to include questions and any ideas for discussion. Often advising appointments occur a few days after scheduling, and it can be easy too forget important details.

Preparing for Advising Meetings

At the Advising Center, we view advising as a partnership. You can rely on your advisor to provide you with accurate answers to your questions, and to help you find appropriate resources for those things they are not able to help you with.

To provide the best possible advice, your advisor will sometimes ask questions about your preferences, strengths, goals, and other things related to your college experience. Advisors enjoy working with students and getting to know who they are. It is up to you to provide open, honest answers. If you are not sure, take some time to reflect. Your advisor can help you with this as well.

Before each meeting, note down your goals for the meeting (plan for next semester, change my schedule, get help deciding on a major, etc.). Include questions you want to ask or concerns you have as well. Do your best to follow up on anything your advisor has asked of you before the meeting.

Preparing for Planning Meetings

A sign with arrows pointing two different directions

Planning Meetings


  • Reflect on your current classes and experiences and be prepared to share how everything is going
  • Look at your Degree Audit in MyUI
  • In MyUI under Student information, review Sample Plans for any majors you are considering
  • Complete any homework your advisor might have given you in previous appointments

Registration Approval

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Registration Approval


  • Using the courses and ideas you discussed with your advisor in your planning meeting, build and save several preferred schedules in Schedule Builder.
  • Note any questions or changes to your plans.
  • Check MyUI for registration holds and your assigned registration date.

The Advising Relationship

How will you work with your advisor, and what will they help you learn?

Advising Timeline

Advising won't always happen on a timeline. Questions, changes, and concerns are part of the college experience for everyone, and students should schedule appointments with their advisor whenever they have the need.

Some kinds of appointments repeat each semester, and it is a good idea to plan for those in advance. The appointments students make most often at the Advising Center include:

Advising Timeline

  • Fall Success Meeting

    First two weeks of the fall semester

    For entering first-year students only. This group meeting will help students new to the university get set up for success. Learn tips for approaching the first semester, how the advising process works, and how you can get the most from it.

  • Academic Planning Meeting

    During the first half of the semester

    A one-on-one meeting that allows students to bring questions or concerns to their advisor, discuss academic goals, and plan for next semester. This is the first step to enroll in courses the following semester.

  • Registration Authorization Meeting

    Somtime in November (fall term) or April (spring term)

    A one-on-one meeting with your advisor to finalize your course choices for the following semester.  You will review the preferred schedules you have made in Schedule Builder, and discuss any questions you or your advisor have. Your advisor will authorize you to register so you can enroll in courses on your assigned registration date, or any time after that.