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Academic Advising Center Welcome

We are 46 advisors, administrators, and support staff dedicated to providing academic guidance and support to students as they enter and make their way through the University.

Which students does the Academic Advising Center serve?
2019 AAC Staff Photo
The Academic Advising Center (AAC) provides academic advising to all entering College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) first-year students, some entering CLAS transfer students, pre-professional students, non-degree students, and entering students in the IowaLink Program. We generally work with students for the first year or two; after that, many students move onto advisors with their major department. We also advise a few majors through graduation, and we continue to work with students in pre-professional programs throughout their time at Iowa.
What does an Academic Advisor do?
Each student is assigned an academic advisor based on the student’s declared major(s) and the advisor’s areas of expertise. We provide intensive advising support through regular contact with our advisees. During our meetings with students, we talk with students about their experiences in current coursework and identify resources for additional information and support.  We help students explore their academic interests, identify skills and choose activities; using that information, we help students develop plans appropriate for their goals, ranging from the next semester’s schedule of classes to multi-semester plans of study that end at graduation. We also help students navigate the University and connect with other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal, and career counseling; academic skills development; and financial aid. We are especially committed to helping students make a successful transition from high school to college, so we talk with students about study skills, time management, getting involved in campus, and other ways they can enrich their time at Iowa. We challenge our students to grow and think critically about their University experience and themselves.
When should students meet with their advisor in the AAC?
Academic advising begins at Orientation and continues through a series of meetings each semester. Advising is mandatory in the AAC, which means that students must meet with their academic advisor before registering for classes. Each semester, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor for a Planning Appointment first, followed by a Registration Approval appointment just before a student registers. We recommend students meet with their advisor throughout the year and contact their advisor at any time.  We are always here to help!