HIST:1000:0001 Jewish Life Today
AFAM:1000:0001 Thriving at Iowa: Finding Success as Black Men
SRM:1000:0002 African Culture and the World
CSI:1200:0020 Navigating the Hidden College Curriculum as a First-Generation College Student
URES:1000:0006 Hometown Histories: Research in the Places We Come From
CSI:1200:0009 Failed or Defeated? Haiti, Disasters, Foreign Intervention, and International Aid
FREN:1000:0005 Iowa to the World: Studying, Living, and Working in a Global Environment
COMM:1000:0001 Game Design for Democracy
CSD:1000:0001 Can You Hear Me Now?
CSI:1200:0023 Germany, Tylenol, and Nelson Mandela: Accountability, Apologies, and Forgiveness
ARAB:1000:0001 We Are What We Eat: Food Culture in the Middle East and North Africa
CBE:1180:0001 The Energy Future
EDTL:1129:0004 Secrets to College Success
PHAR:1000:0002 Medicines and Pharmaceuticals That Transformed Society
CLSA:1000:0002 Soldiers, Women, and Family in the Roman Imperial Army
CSI:1200:0013 I'm Not a Writer and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves: Writing for Self Discovery and Critical Thinking
CSI:1200:0014 My Dorm is Bigger Than My Hometown
CSI:1200:0016 Infinite Dream: The Arts and the American Story
RELS:1000:0001 Games, Chance, and Gambling: Backgammon
RHET:1000:0002 Video Games and Inquiry: Exploring Our Culture and Ourselves Through Gaming
RHET:1000:0004 Writing Family History
TR:1000:0001 Don't Forget Me: Using Play to Promote Inclusion
URES:1000:0013 If Science Was Easy, Everyone Would Be a Scientist: Increase Your Skills to Become One Beyond Your GPA

RHET:1000:0003 Stories of Home
EES:1000:0002 Rocks From the Sky: Meteorites and Impact Craters
PSY:1000:0001 How Psychology Can Save the Planet
URES:1000:0010 Sustainable Urbanism
URES:1000:0014 Solving the Grand Challenges of Sustainability
CSI:1200:0017 Futurology: Predicting Tomorrow Today
CLSA:1000:0001 Ancient World in Video Games: Assassin's Creed Odyssey
JMC:1000:0001 Staging the World's Game: Soccer and Media
MUS:1000:0001 Music and the Mind
URES:1000:0011 It's Your Life, Live It Like You Love It!
FREN:1000:0003 Exploring the World's Languages
CRIM:1000:0001 Women, Crime, and Violence
POLI:1000:0002 Government and Politics at All Levels
URES:1000:0012 Iowa City Live: Local Music Cultures
URES:1000:0016 Discover Research
URES:1000:0008 Control Yourself! What Is Self-Control and How Can It Be Improved?
URES:1000:0015 Smartphones in Health Care