The University of Iowa

Things to Know About Adding

What’s open?

  • Once a class has started, seat availability is no longer accurately indicated on MyUI.
  • Check MyUI, the department office, or see the instructor for information on waitlists.
  • Attend possible classes the first day.
  • Ask your advisor for suggestions.
  • For courses that start after the semester has begun, you can continue to use MyUI for adds and drops.

How late is too late?

  • The add deadline is on the Registrar’s web page and on your MyUI Enrollment Summary.
  • Students who have not begun attending a class until late in the second week may find the instructor is concerned about adding them.

Is it ever possible to add after the deadline?

  • It’s worth asking, but permission may not be given.
  • Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may go to 120 SH to request permission to add late.
  • For Health and Physical Activity Skills classes, such requests should be made in the department Office, E-213 FH.

What about changing sections?

  • The advisor’s signature is not required.
  • The instructors’ signatures are required.
  • Can change sections at any point in the semester.

What about taking more than 18 sh?

  • On the first day of the semester, take the completed add slip to 120 SH to request special permission.
  • Turn the slip in at the Registrar's Service Center, 17 Calvin.

Do I get a receipt after I add a course to show that I'm really registered for it?

  • When you turn in your add or drop form at the Registrar's Service Center, you will get a dated printout that shows your new schedule as of that date.
  • Check this printout before you leave the Center.
  • Keep it in a safe place until the end of the semester grades are posted in case there is any confusion about your registration.