The University of Iowa

Majors by Area

You can discover information about majors at Iowa many different ways. Begin by looking at programs of study grouped by area.  These are located at the links below, starting with the UI Colleges that offer the largest number of undergraduate majors.

Additionally, the Office of Admissions has an excellent site that lists all programs offered by each college and that links to each departmental web page and to The University of Iowa General Catalog.

You might also find it helpful to see the University's PDF iconMajors Grouped by Academic Area.  Read through this list of majors and write down any that you find interesting; this generates a “short list” of majors for you to research and explore.  Another approach is to print out this list, then cross off any majors that do not sound interesting to you.  (You may even cross off entire academic areas.)  This narrows down options for you, and the majors you have remaining can function as a focused list of options to explore.  To research these majors, look them up in the General Catalog, check out the department websites, talk with your instructors, and talk with your academic advisor about the ones that interest you.