University of Iowa

How Parents Can Help


The advising relationship can be an important part of students’ first year experience.  As a parent or family member, you can help to encourage your student’s participation in advising by:

  • Asking your student if they have met with their academic advisor.  At the Academic Advising Center, we expect to see students for their New Student Meeting during the first few weeks of the semester, a Planning Appointment in September or early October, and a Registration Authorization Appointment in November.  We are happy to see students at other times when concerns arise.
  • Asking your student if they are checking their University e-mail.  Although students may not typically use e-mail to communicate with their peers, it is the way that they will communicate with faculty and staff at the University.  It is important for students to stay up-do-date with their University email, so they don’t miss important communication from University offices.
  • Helping your student be resourceful in navigating challenges that arise. Ask them who they might be able to turn to for help at the University – their advisor, their RA, a faculty member.  We have many systems in place to ensure that students have a network of support.  We encourage students to turn to their support system to help them through challenging times.  We appreciate parents’ help in allowing students to navigate the University and their challenges that may arise. 

If you have questions that have not been answered by your student, you are welcome to contact us at the Academic Advising Center.  Although Advising Center staff must adhere to the federal law that protects that privacy rights of students (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and cannot share personal information discussed in advising appointments without the consent of the student, we are happy to share general information about policies, procedures, and our approach to advising.