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How to Add & Drop Courses


Last day students may register or change existing registration on MyUI is Jan 27, 2020.  After that time, you will need to obtain authorization from your advisor for any courses you want to drop, and the signatures of your advisor and the instructor for any courses you want to add.  The instructor’s signature is no longer required to drop a course at any time in the semester.  If you are a student athlete or an international student, you will need additional permissions to drop a course, beginning the first day of classes (from Student-Athlete Academic Services if you are a student athlete, and from International Student and Scholar Services if you are an international student).  See links below for more information.

You will not be able to use MyUI to change any off-cycle sections (sections that do not meet for the full length of the semester) that have already begun.  You will need signatures from your advisor and the instructor to add an off-cycle course that has already begun, and authorization by your advisor to drop an off-cycle course that has already begun.

If you’re considering a course change during the first week of classes, the Advising Center recommends that you see your academic advisor to discuss whether a change is a good idea for your individual situation.  Before adding any course, carefully read the course description on MyUI to make sure you are eligible to take the course.  If you are simply changing sections of the same course, you do not need to contact your advisor.

If you add a course during the first week, catch up immediately on readings and assignments.  You should also talk with the instructor to let him or her know that you have joined the class. Good questions to ask, if it isn’t clear from the syllabus:  Do absences already earned count against you in a course where attendance is part of your grade? What assignments have you missed? What do you need to do to become an active part of the class?

As of the 6th day of the semester, you can drop courses through MyUI, after you have obtained the appropriate authorizations. 

  • You can indicate your intention to drop the course on the Courses/Registration page on MyUI by clicking “Drop” for the specified course. 
  • My UI will display a page with messages about the various permissions needed for the drop, information about deadlines, and warnings about possible implications to consider.
  • After reading the messages, click the button on the bottom of the page indicating that you agree to obtain required authorizations to complete the drop.
  • If you’re advised in the Academic Advising Center, you must make an appointment to discuss the drop with your advisor.  Only after that meeting will your advisor electronically authorize your request to drop a course.
  • If other authorizations are required (e.g., Student-Athlete Academic Services, International Students and Scholar Services, Dean’s Office), you will also need to obtain those authorizations.
  • Once you have obtained all required authorizations, log into MyUI to complete the drop by clicking the “Drop” button on the Courses/Registration page. 
  • Advisors in other departments or colleges may have other procedures in place for obtaining authorizations.   If you are not advised in the Academic Advising Center, check with your departmental or college advisor to see what their policy is. 

You can still process drops on the paper drop form at the  UI Service Center in 2700 University Capitol Centre (UCC), once you have obtained all required signatures.

Adding a course after the first week will continue to require a paper form with your advisor’s signature and the instructor’s signature (as well as any additional signatures such as Student-Athlete Academic Services, International Student and Scholar Services, or Dean’s Office).  These forms must be processed at UI Service Center in 2700 UCC.  For some courses, the department will sign for the instructor; see the table below.

The forms for adding and dropping are available online:  Change of Registration Form.

Adding and dropping can be complicated. You can find additional information about adding and dropping on the Things to Know About Adding and Things to Know About Dropping pages on this site.

Note that for undergraduates the last day to add a regular, semester-length course in Spring 2020, or to drop one without receiving a "W," is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb 3, 2020.  The last day that undergraduates may drop a semester-length course is 4:30 p.m., Monday, April 6, 2020.

For a comprehensive list academic deadlines, view both the full academic calendar and the course deadlines calendar on the UI Registrar's website. 

Add Drop Information for Tippie College of Business Courses
Add / Drop Information for International Students

Department Office Policy for ADDING
African American Studies 210 JB 335-0285 see instructor
American Studies 210 JB
see instructor
Anthropology 114 MH 335-0522 GEP classes, see TA; all other courses, see instructor
Arabic 111 PH   335-2923 Go to 111 PH for instructor's office number or signature.
Art 150 ABW 335-1376 see instructor
Astronomy 203 VAN 335-1686 for courses below 2000, go to 203 VAN; courses above 2000, see instructor
Biochemistry 4-403 BSB 335-8993 go to Biochemistry Office or see instructor
Biology 143 BB 335-1050

To add Animal Bio, Foundations, or Diversity, see Cindy Toll, 133 BBE  
To add or change sections of Human Bio, see Angela Cordle, 168 BB  
To add 2000-level courses, see instructor

Chemistry E225 CB 335-1341

go to Chemistry Center, E225 CB

Chinese 111 PH   335-2923 Go to 111 PH for instructor's office number or signature.

105 BCSB   335-0330

see instructor
Classics 210 JB 335-2323 see instructor
Communication Sciences and Disorders

119C SHC 335-8718

see instructor
Communication Studies 105 BCSB 335-0578 go to 243 AJB, see Andrea Krekel.
Computer Science 14 MLH 335-0713

see instructor

Criminology, Law & Justice


W140 SSH, 335-2502

E114 HH 335-2228

see instructor for Adds.

go to class and see instructor

Earth and Environmental Sciences 115 TH 335-1818 See course instructor.
Educational Policy and Leadership Studies N491 LC  335-5302 see instructor
English 308E  EPB 335-0454 General Education literature courses, go to 308E EPB; for CW courses inquire at Dey House; for all other courses, go to class and see instructor
ESL (English as Second Language) 1112 UCC 335-5630 go to department office
Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies 210 JB   335-0322 see instructor for late adds
Geographical & Sustainability Sciences 316 JH 335-0151 see instructor
Global Health Studies

24 Phillips Hall   384-1328

see instructor
Health and Human Physiology E102 FH 384-4664 see instructor
Health & Physical Activity Skills S501 FH 335-9302 go to class
History 280 SH 335-2299  go to department office 8AM- 12PM or 1- 5PM.
International Studies

24 Phillips Hall, 384-1328

see instructor
Journalism and Mass Communication E305 AJB 335-3486 see instructor
Latin American Studies 305 N CC 384-1328 see instructor
Latina/o Studies 305 N CC 384-1328 see instructor
Lifetime Leisure Skills E 216 FH 335-9293 Before class is underway, add on ISIS; after class is underway, go to first class meeting
Mathematics 14 MLH 335-0714

Department will check placement, after first week see Cindy Farthing in 125 MLH or email her at: to check math placement; then see instructor to sign add slip

Microbiology 3-403 BSB
see instructor
Music Voxman Music Building 335-1603 see instructor
Nursing 474 CNB  335-7015 NURS:3110  & NURS:1030 see Linda Myers
Philosophy 169 EPB   335-0203 see instructor
Physics 203 VAN  335-1686 for courses below 2000, see Heather in 203 VAN; for other courses, see instructor
Political Science 341 SH  335-2358 see instructor
Psychological & Quantitative Foundations  361 LC  335-5578 see instructor
Psychology G 60 PBSB  335-2406 go to Psychology department office
Public Health CPHB students should contact the instructor for add/drops

Rehabilitation and Counselor Education 

N338 LC  335-5275 discuss with advisor, then contact instructor
Religious Studies 314 GILH 335-2164 attend class and see instructor
Rhetoric 171 EPB 335-0178 add or change sections on  MyUI through Sunday, September 1st .
Social Work 308 NH
see instructor first; see Tomeka Petersen or Kate Kemp in the department office if instructor is not available
Sociology W140 SSH 335-2502 see instructor
Sport Studies 210 JB
see instructor
Spanish and Portuguese for all courses: 111 PH, 335-2923 

For all courses during the first 5 days of the semester: use MyUI. For GEP courses after the first 5 days: 111 PH.  For all other courses after the first 5 days: see instructor.

Sport and Recreation Management

E102 FH  384-4664

see instructor
Statistics 241 SH 335-0712

see instructor

Teaching and Learning (EDTL) 

N310 LC 335-5324 Go to N310 LC 
Theatre Arts 107 TB    335-2700 see instructor
Therapeutic Recreation E102 FH  384-4664 see instructor
World Languages
  • ASL
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Sanskrit
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
111 PH   335-2923 Go to 111 PH for instructor's office number or signature.