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Any undergraduate student at The University of Iowa may declare the Open major. In fact, about 20% of all incoming first-year students enter the University as Open majors. Students choosing the open Major fall into many categories; among them:

  • Students who know they want to earn a four-year degree but are unsure in what area of study
  • Students who have a particular career in mind but are unsure of which major is well-suited to their vocational goal.
  • Students who intend to pursue admission to a competitive-entry major and are completing prerequisite coursework.

First Steps

A document to help you think about your interests, values, and abilities. Sit down with this worksheet when you are not pressed for time, so you can reflect without feeling rushed.  For each box, write down whatever comes to mind for that category (Things I Like, Things I’m Good At, Dream Jobs, etc.).  Try not to limit your responses to academic subjects or skills only; write down anything about YOU that comes to mind.  Bring your Blueprint to your next academic advising meeting and be prepared to discuss it with your advisor.

Majors at Iowa
Majors grouped UI College and area of study


What Can I Do With A Major In …?
Related employment areas for a wide range of majors


Courses for Open Majors