The University of Iowa

Courses for Open Majors

CCP:1300  Major and Career Explorations

This course helps students identify their interests, skills, and values relative to majors and careers; self-assessment, information interviews, research on majors and careers.

CLAS:1600  Life Design: Building Your Future

How interests and talents can be paired up to achieve a fulfilling life; what students are passionate about; address questions (i.e., How can you identify what you're good at? How can you build a life of purpose and meaning? How can you cultivate mentors? What is the relationship between ambition, drive, and success? What major might be the best fit and how can University resources help your academic and personal success?

MED:1100  Introduction to Health Care Professions

Introduction to current U.S. health care system and changes that are likely in the near future; information about distinct health care professions grouped by discipline (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, public health), and less traditional career pathways in health care fields; how health care professionals across disciplines coordinate to deliver better health care; instruction by prominent health care faculty at the University of Iowa; for students considering a career in the health care field.

RCE:2081  Making a Vocational-Educational Choice

Vocational decision-making process, self-evaluation, exploration of the world of work; for students who are uncertain about their educational and vocational goals.