How you change the time of a course will depend on the course format.

  • If the course is in lecture/discussion format and you only want to change the time of your discussion, or if the course is in standalone (not lecture discussion), follow the directions below.
  • If the course is in a lecture/discussion format and you want to change the time of the lecture, first check MyUI to see if alternate lecture times are offered. If other lecture times are available, contact your advisor to discuss how to make the change.
Changing Times: MyUI

Students are generally able to change times for semester-length courses on MyUI until the sixth day of the fall or spring semester (first day of summer or winter terms).

  1. Sign in to MyUI with your hawkid, and navigate to the COURSES/REGISTRATION section.
    Link to COURSES/REGISTRATION section of MyUI
  2. Find the course whose time you want to change. On the right-hand side of the page, locate and click the Change link for the course and then the Change Section button.
    screenshot showing how to change sections on MyUI
  3. If there are alternate times for the section available, you will see a list of them. Look through the list, choose the one you prefer, and click the green Change button at the bottom of the page.
    showing list of alternate section times on MyUI
  4. Confirm the time of the section has been changed in your schedule.
Changing Times: UI Service Center

Students need to make changes to course times through the UI Service Center after the beginning of the sixth day of the fall or spring semesters (first day of summer or winter terms).

Advisor permission is not required, only the permission of the instructor of the course or discussion section you wish to change to.

  1. Compose an email from your UI email account to your advisor, the instructor of the course you want to change to. Follow the email template and next steps as instructed on the UI Registrar's website.