Before adding courses, please consult with your academic advisor.


Adding Courses through MyUI

You may add semester-length courses on MyUI before the sixth day day of the fall or spring semesters (first day of summer or winter sessions). After this, you will need to request to add a course through the UI Service Center.

  1. Sign in to MyUI with your hawkid, and navigate to the COURSES/REGISTRATION section.
    Link to COURSES/REGISTRATION section of MyUI
  2. Scroll down below your schedule, and type in the course subject and number of the course you want to add.
    Searching for courses on MyUI
    Next, scroll down to the bottom on of the page and click on the green Search button.
  3. Look through the course listings, and find courses that are open and take place at times that do not conflict with the times of your other courses. Having your schedule open in another tab can help you check for time conflicts. You can see if a course is still open by looking at the right side of the course listings and checking on the number of students already enrolled. For example 20 of 28 enrolled means that there are still 8 seats left in the course.

    Once you have found a course that is open at a time that works with your other classes, click on the enroll link for that course.
    a listing of courses on MyUI, and the enroll links for them
    You should then see a page that will have a green Add button at the bottom. There may also be additional information about course prerequisites or restrictions on this page, and you should carefully read those. Click that Add button to finish adding the course.
  4. Confirm the course has been added to your schedule and that there are no time conflicts. A red asterisk indicates a time conflict.
Adding Courses through the UI Service Center

After the sixth day of the fall and spring semesters (first day of summer and winter terms), requests to add courses must go through the UI Service Center.

  1. Check your schedule and make sure the time of the course you wish to add does not conflict with any of your other classes.
  2. Compose an email from your UI email account to your advisor, the contact person listed by the appropriate department, and any additional permission you may need (Dean, Athletics, ISSS). Follow the email template and next steps as instructed here:

Adding Off-Cycle Courses

Courses that do not meet for the entire semester are called off-cycle courses. The deadlines to add these courses are different from those for semester-length courses. You can easily identify off-cycle courses in MyUI by the 'off-cycle' designation and the presence of course dates in MyUI.

showing an off cycle courses and its dates in MyUI

You can add off-cycle courses on MyUI until the course begins. If the course has already started, you should check the course deadlines calendar to find the deadline to add the course.