The University of Iowa

The Advising Year


Advising begins at orientation. Whether you are a new first-year student or a student transferring to The University of Iowa from another college, you'll meet your academic advisor at Orientation.  During Orientation, you'll learn about requirements for your major and the General Education Program, and you'll choose and register for the courses that you'll take during your first semester at the University.  At Orientation, first-year students will also schedule a "New Student Meeting" with your academic advisor.

Fall and Spring

Fall Success Meetings for first-year students are held from the 2nd through 4th weeks of the fall semester.  These small-group meetings are designed to help you understand how the University works and how best to work with your academic advisor.  This meeting also provides you an opportunity to ask questions about your schedule or your academic opportunities at the University.

Planning Appointments are for all students advised at the Academic Advising Center, and they take place every semester.  Your advisor will e-mail you around the 4th week of the semester to ask you to schedule your individual Planning Appointment, which will typically last approximately 30 minutes.  At your Planning Appointment, you can talk with your advisor about your classes, any concerns, and academic programs and opportunities.  Your Planning Appointment is also a great time to develop a graduation plan.  Your advisor looks forward to getting to know you better at your Planning Appointment and helping you tailor your academic plans to your needs and interests.

Registration Approval Appointments take place each semester and are required for students advised at the Academic Advising Center.  Your Registration Appointment will be before your registration day (as many as a few weeks before you register, or as short as as few days before, depending on your advisor's recommendation and your schedule).  This 20-30 minute appointment builds upon your Planning Appointment; your advisor will review the courses you've chosen for the next semester and talk with you about how those courses align with your program requirements and graduation goals. Academic Advising Center policy requires that you have a Registration Appointment before your advisor will authorize you to register.


You are welcome to schedule an appointment whenever you face an important academic decision, need more information about your academic options, or just want to talk through something that's important to you.  We look forward to your next visit!