About us

Welcome to the Academic Advising Center!   We are a staff of 48 advisors, administrators and support staff dedicated to providing academic guidance and support to students as they enter and make their way through the University.   The majority of first year entering students and about half of entering transfer students are assigned to an advisor in our office, generally for the first year or two.  After that, most students move on to advisors within their major department.  We are committed to helping students make a successful transition to the University. 

Our mission is to teach students how to: explore possible majors; plan their academic programs of study; select courses each semester; make viable academic decisions; seek information on- and off-campus; and to solve academic problems.  Our goal is to put each student in charge of his or her education by providing the tools and resources necessary to navigate the University and make informed decisions.

We view advising as a partnership, and as such, there are expectations for both the advisors and students.  This link outlines what students can expect from their advisors, as well as the expectations we have of our students.  It also provides a glimpse of what an advising year looks like and some answers to frequently asked questions.

Again, welcome!  I hope you find I encourage you to contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns.  I’d be happy to respond.

Lisa Ingram
Director, Academic Advising Center